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The Dragon Chess Center was created at the beginning of 2009. It has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. Hundred of scholastic chess players have been trained in Dragon Chess Center. Dozens of chess players trained by Dragon Chess Center are still actively playing chess tournaments at internal, local or state level chess tournaments. Dragon Chess Center has emerged as a one of the best chess education places for school-age kids in Ohio or in Midwest. Here are some tournament results of the members of Dragon Chess Center in past few years.

Tournament participation is an important part of the learning process. For those kids who have been studying chess for a while, but who have never been in any kind of chess tournaments or competitions, participation in chess tournaments may ignite a chess student's interest at chess and speed up the learning process. Almost all scholastic chess tournaments have sections for different levels of strength and grades.


1. The schedule for 2013 Summer Chess Camps offered by the Dragon Chess Center is out.

2. The final results of 2013 CAHS Chess Classic chess tournament.
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